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Loaded Baked Potato Grilled Cheese


1 tablespoons oil for cooking
2 tablespoon butter, softened
2 slices sturdy bread (potato bread is the natural option here)
1 tablespoon sour cream
shredded mozzarella cheese
shredded Cheddar cheese
small handful of thin, crisp potato chips
cooked crumbled bacon
sliced scallions
salt and pepper to taste


Heat olive oil in a frying pan over low heat.

Spread the outside of both slices of bread with softened butter. Spread the “inside” of each slice of bread with a thin layer of sour cream. Place the bread buttered-side down in the oil in the pan. Top one slice of bread with shredded mozzarella cheese, the other slice with the shredded cheddar cheese. Cook until bread is toasted and cheese has melted.

Remove the grilled bread with cheese to a plate or cutting board. On one slice, carefully arrange potato chips.

Sprinkle with cooked bacon and sliced scallions. Hit the sandwich with a little bit of salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

“Close” the sandwich with the other slice of grilled bread with cheese. Press together firmly. The chips will break a little. That’s totally okay.

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